Materials Development

Materials DevelopmentThe online and print materials used in a health or social initiative can either break through the clutter and motivate change, or not get a second glance. From academic publications to marketing materials to websites and everything in between, the Trillium team brings extensive experience in the creation of materials that resonate with the people they are meant to reach. Our strategic approach, writing expertise, and expert guidance of the creative process consistently result in materials that not only look good, but communicate clearly and compellingly and get attention in an overcrowded media market. In addition, government clients can rest assured that we have extensive experience with GPO style, design and logo guidelines, as well as the clearance and printing processes.

Materials we have developed include:

  • Academic publications
  • Advertising and PSAs
  • Apps and interactive media
  • Collateral items
  • Conference materials
  • Educational materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Reports
  • Social media
  • Training materials
  • Videos
  • Websites